About us



The Fulbe Union (Baden-Württemberg) e. V, an authorized and a recognized non-profit making association, was established in 2013 with the purpose of providing a platform for the Fulbe residents in Germany to meet and exchange ideas as well as to enable them communicate their culture to their host citizens in particular and to the public in general. The main seat of the association is in Stuttgart, state of Baden-Württemberg. However, the members of the association are dispersed in the Federal Republic of Germany




The main task of the association is to foster and promote the culture of the Fulbe people in Germany and encourage tolerance in all aspects of culture and international understanding and cooperation.

It should especially be composed of the following:

  • Singing and communicating Fulbe songs and –texts,

  • Foster and promote the customs and an practices in daily life and festivities,

  • Involve our children in the cultural heritage of the Fulbe,

  • Promote our common identity and language,

  • Communicate the tradition of the Fulbe to the German population.

This is to be achieved through promoting and supporting the cultural cooperation between nations and the different institutions.